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One of A Kind Show Chicago 2017

350+ Clay Noses Installed   

Noses?..Besides, I notice them and they're the focal point of your face? Noses are an object that we all have in common, one not typically considered "art" or seen hung on the wall, andwhen repeated by the hundreds, get lost in interpretation.

I enjoy people watching. While standing with my work at a show, I catch fragmentsof conversations about art and life.  With this piece, I took a common object, repeated itin all shapes and sizes, and installed it in an organic design. And then, I watched and listened.  To the folks passing by, this was an installation of "birds, vertebrae, middle fingers, bees, arrows.", among other things. It is in the context of our own personal experiences ,that our mind's eye filters the way in which we view art.. and the world.

This installation consists of over 350 noses made from high fire clay. Each piece is hand made, glazed using underglazes, glazes, and stains, and is fired in an electric kiln 4 times. The red dot is meant to distract, bring continuity and draw the viewer's eye across the space. The pieces have a steel wire on the back and are directly installed to the wall. They sit away from the wall 2"-6" so that the shadow becomes an integral part of the piece.

This piece is sold. Email to inquire @ commissions.


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