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I am a maker, a collector, a storyteller. I am a potter, a sculptor, an assembler. I am intrigued by the relational experiences between people and their environment. My work is a reflection of my own personal experiences, thoughts, and emotional response to circumstance.  I am fascinated by texture; the kind that is so common that we don't even notice it. The kind that is so common that when we see it hanging on the wall -in the form of art- it becomes apparent how much is missed when we busy ourselves with routine.  Manhole covers, the soles of our children’s shoes, the tread on our tires, the bark on the trees , the grungy type on industrial machinery.  I capture these abundantly common textures in clay. I create one of a kind, 3D works of art. I use altered, wheel thrown and hand built forms to build my work, and fire each piece multiple times using slips, stains and glazes. I  often incorporate found metal objects into my sculptures.  A wrench, brake rotors, a doorknob, nails.  Stamped text, sgraffito images and hand drawn transfers are all examples of the decorative techniques that I use to complete each piece.

I grew up on a farm in the foothills of the North Georgia Mountains, where rusty barbed wire and red clay were a pleasing combination early on. Today, I spend most of my time in my studio working out the “I wonders” and “what ifs”. Allowing myself to play and experiment, and make things that may never see the inside of the kiln, has freed me to explore and create a varied body of work.    I have a BFA in Ceramics from Georgia Southern University, and have been showing my work at Arts Festivals around the US and in galleries for the past 20 year. My most recent shows include The 2016 One of a Kind Holiday Show, Chicago, The Evanston Artist Expo, Evanston IL, and Gallery North: Small Works Show, Edmonds, WA.