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Artistic Collaboration Projects

Artistic Collaboration Projects


 Presenting opportunities for children and adolescents to create and give away an art piece, fosters compassion, confidence and self worth. When I lived in Richmond, Va.,  the neighborhood school, Fox Elementary, held an Art Auction fund raiser each year. As a local artist, I was asked to  facilitate collaborative art pieces, with several different classes, to contribute to the auction. The art pieces were displayed alongside the work of professional artists . Being able to witness the student's enthusiasm for creating something that was of value to adults, while directly helping their school, was an invaluable experience for me. I believe in a child's ability to create amazing art; and when that art is a gift to be given away to someone else,  we help create amazing people. 


These Platters are examples of work that I've done in collaboration with classroom students and individual families. I've worked with students to create end-of-the- year, wedding, and shower gifts for teachers, and with families to make birthday, anniversary and family celebration gifts.  I provide the wheel-thrown piece, and the students generate the ideas for the theme and text.  Each student designs  and draws  his image into the leather-hard clay using a sgraffito technique. The piece is then fired multiple times using a variety of underglazes and glazes. 


I worked with Ms. Bradley's first grade class to create this story totem that was donated by the students to the Fox Elementary Art Auction.  Each child drew his/her self portrait on a slab of clay, which became an individual cylinder that made up the whole piece. The students highlighted their signature using undergalze, while their self portrait image to remained a simple line drawing.