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Artist Statement:  I am an artist, a story teller, a problem solver. ...I collect old tools, toys, wood, hardware pieces and scrap metal pieces. that I use in my work varies. I frequent yard and estate sales, dumpster diving in allies, and have been known to come to a screeching halt on the interstate to retrieve a discarded piece of metal "potential". Clay and metal .. the fragile quality of one,  and unbreakable quality of the other creates a visual juxtaposition  and construction challenge. I also am interested in  way people respond to of everyday objects when they are not to the scale or size that we are accustomed to .

Jenifer is a Chicagoland based artist whose work is rooted in personal memories and life experiences. She is a potter and a sculptor. Jenifer is a collector of old tools, hardware, and rusty metal scrap that she refers to as "potential". She draws inspiration from obsolete or discarded objects and works them into her art, giving them each a new story to tell.

Jenifer grew up on a farm in Rome, Georgia where the landscape was vast and creativity was encouraged. She received a BFA in Ceramics from Georgia Southern University in 1994. It was there that she discovered her love for clay and realized the possibilities were limited only by her imagination.  

Jenifer has sold her whimsical sculptures at Fine Arts Shows and galleries across the US for many years. She has been sharing her love of clay and sculpture with students for over 20 years. Jenifer currently is the Studio Manager for the Ceramics Department at the Winnetka Community House where she teaches clay classes to students ages 2 to 72. She is an art instructor in the Wilmette District 39 After School Enrichment Program, conducts educator workshops on teaching clay to children, and is a teaching artist whose focus is curriculum enrichment and art integration in classrooms across the North Shore.