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Sneaker Project

Pete The Cat Sneaker Project

Project: Cross disciplinary instruction : Students will create clay sneakers while  exploring the similarities of Eric Litwin's Pete the Cat, I Love My White Shoes, clay, and having positive attitude.


Wilmette Junior High Dist 39  
Ms. Linehan's 7th Grade Reading Class

Harper Elementary Dist. 39
Ms. Nerenburg's 4th Grade Class

How: Remove one shoe. (brave in a 7th grade classroom) Read and sing (extra loud) the repetitive "I Love my white shoes" tune. Discuss how staying positive and having an attitude of adaptability is helpful when being a clay artist, author, and fulfilled individual . Talk about how breaking a hard task into small parts can be a helpful way of tackling  the whole. Instruction on building a clay shoe and encouragement to use creativity in making each student's shoe unique.

Why: This is an effective project that uses literature as inspiration for art. Clay is a medium that requires patience,  following instructions, flexible thinking, adaptability, creativity and the ability to "keep moving along" and embracing your "best work" not the idea of "perfection".  We discuss the similarities of being an author and artist, and how designing, editing, adaptability and hard work are important to both.


Here is a great example of using our wonderful community resources. Students in Ms. Linehan’s reading class are...

Posted by Highcrest MS/Wilmette JH on Thursday, December 12, 2013